Цена 1 часа рабочей силы, как правило снижается.

Information from the Ukraine

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Information from the Ukraine.

I would like to send my wormiest wishes to all friends around the wold. To all and everyone who's placing efforts for soonest release of The Five Cuban Heroes.

I decided to write this letter in order to inform English speaking people about things done in the Ukraine for the release of The Five.

About of February 24, 2011 representatives of several social organizations assembled to a meeting in the Ukraine. Discussion covered workarounds of any public and social actions to be made in order to help release The Five. I do remember this day. About at 4 PM I heard a telephone ring. Someone called me from the meeting and asked for help to provide sound amplification equipment needed. After learn of date and time, I briefly opened my electronic dairy on the yet white day and filled morning with a note about action. Also answered to a handset: Yes, we could provide available sound equipment – free of charge. Many ideas start to spin in my head about future action. In several days comrades informed me about more detailed schedule.

And on the day of March 10 of the 2011 on 9:30 AM about 50 people meet on a street upfront of the US embassy. Flashing Cuban flags accompanied by large banners with the demand to free the five. All these explained to the embassy staff a reason for small demonstration.

Loud sound of Guantanameira and Hasta Siempra broke quietness of the street.

Here is some pictures:

You can see large banner. On the Ukrainian language it saying – Free the Five Cuban Heroes Imprisoned by US empire.

On a next photo, banners from right to left are saying,:

- Let wife's to see theirs husbands.
- No hide.
- Stop bloody imperialism of the US.

Some was wearing symbolic prisoners uniform:

- Where is your democracy ?
- Demanding to issue visas to Andriana Pires & Olga Salanueva

After brief meeting and about of hour time loud expression of the slogan - Free The Five. Official demand was given to the Embassy of the US staff to be transferred to the President Obama.

Here is picture:

To continue, people live street of the US embassy and Flashing Cuban Flags and all banners went to the Embassy of Cuba. On a picture behind of moving people you can see building of the US embassy in City of Kiev of the Ukraine (US building behind large dish):

And further street march pictures:

Local police was very friendly and provided extensive support to the action, they are escorted people through streets and regulated traffic:

To the end, people reached Embassy of the Cuba and placed memory flowers to Jose Marti:

Here is an another picture from the Cuban Embassy:

Local police again was just near by. Some small staff officers came to the Cuban embassy to place flowers. Unfortunately police chiefs who is arrived to the Cuban Embassy provided only command support saying action can be monitored. Extra cameras of the Internal Affairs and the Ukraine Intelligence was off and it meant for ours a lot.

All action demonstrated that people of the Ukraine love the Cuba and always thanks all Cuban people who is provided free medical support and treatment to the Ukrainian kids suffered from Chernobyl.

People from the Ukraine believe that Federal Government of the US should end the corrupted political case against of innocent the Five Cuban Heroes.

We believe and would like to explain to all world that regular Americans suffered from theirs ill federal government.

We should unite to build peace and fairness of life, we should unite to stop immoral injustice of Federal Courts.

Free The Five !

Karpenko Kiev, Ukraine March 12, 2011

Please print-out the article and if you can please send it to the Five.

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